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the best x-man

the best x-man


#luigi #nintendo #WiiU #mk8 #mariokart8 #nintendoland

The Luigi stare


#luigi #nintendo #WiiU #mk8 #mariokart8 #nintendoland

The Luigi stare


Dance performance of “Rainbow Road” For Orchestra. Coming soon!


Dance performance of “Rainbow Road” For Orchestra. Coming soon!


Bee’s cat dress and a PuppyCat cushion!

Catbug cushion pattern can be found here.

I breathed in too hard and started choking when I saw this post


"The Grand Budapest Hotel" (2014)

A very enjoyable film.


the eternal diva in a nutshell

You ain’t masterminded SHET

Dream Journal 3

Date: 16/1/2012  

In a city walking around.   One Direction are in town.  Niall and Harry are on the side of the road in their porsche and let me get in.  Apparently we’re really good friends.  Driving around I notice one of the wheels is very dodgy.  Went round a round-a-bout, lots of tall buildings.  We see a straight road and Harry wants to go really fast down it (Niall was  driving).  I said be careful then suddenly the dodgy wheel axis had bent up so the wheel was on the side of the car.  I had to point this out to them.  I took over driving and we drove back to a house, it was Sarah’s house.  Her brother and his friend came home drunk and I had to tell him about the porsche (it turned out to be his porsche!) and he jokingly got mad.  Told him it wasn’t our fault and Niall confirmed that.

Then I was in a house with some others waiting to do something, we were going to a party or something.  Daisy, Chris R, Mum (I think) and a lot of others I didn’t really know.  There was something dark and grimy about the house.  Will was ill with the flu.   I was getting ready in the bathroom for something.  Then I remember being in quite a light airy room with Gabe Newell who was looking out of the room and smiling.  I was shocked it was GabeN and we spoke for a bit.  I told him it must be difficult for him to answer so many emails a day.  He said he mostly ignores the fanboy ones.  We became good friends and then I drove with one direction again.

We went to a concert, the stage was at the bottom of a big carpeted ramp and we were all sat at the top.  I was in my work clothes (I was a politcians assisstant?) and was holding onto these weird bars so I wouldn’t fall off and roll down.  The boys were playing about, jumping down the ramp etc.  Harry was interested in this girl near me who was eating something, I informed her but she didn’t seem at all too bothered. 

On way back I was talking with Harry and NIall on the phone and he was saying that I liked him.  I told him I was too old for him but that he was very attractive.

(side part of dream) I was outside with people from Bango and these cops/investigators showed up because they thought this woman was on drugs.  They insisted a search on her.. I was with the politician I worked for who was very attractive.  Suddenly the police wanted to check her back passage for drugs.  There was a massive crowd of public watching and I was trying to stop them.  He did it anyway, it was grose and I would not look.  There were no drugs.   The politician was proud of me for some reason and told me I will be a great leader.

Dream Journal 2

no date

In Stafford.  Going to global game jam with Ainsy, Will and a few others.  In fact it was a party of some kind.  Dream ended.

Continued I went up to global game jam in a car with Will, Josh, few others that don’t go to our uni but were there.  They left me so I was hanging out with Ozz and Beki and Momo.  Before that was in a weird room, Zoel was on top of this platform and his cousin and Will were below.  I sat with them but then they left then I went to find the others.

Minecraft chick, Alex Day, Charlie is so cool like and few randoms were all at GGJ, we were sat in a kitchen waiting for it to start and we were eating cookies and chatting.  Minecraft chick introduced the event by doing some awesome spinning stuff in a cage with lights and music.  It was really cool and when she came out I was telling her how amazing she is.  Someone was making fun kinda and I told them she lives in Sweden now.

GGJ was about to start but Will and his friends were nowhere to be seen so I texted him but he ignored me.

There was a group of girls dressed up making a game together, they looked really pretty, I felt jealous.

In the kitchen with Charlie, he let me try a bit of his cookie.  For some reason I didn’t eat it right.  Then I told him “it’s definitely chocolate” and he was like “funny that” and laughed.  Then I was high fiving Alex for the song he made and we got along really well.  Dream ended.

Dream Journal 1 


Open land between two towns.  I was trying to convince someone in a communal home type place to help me make some kind of video.  The weather was bad.  It started snowing badly.  Will came to help me get across this open land.  There was a group of us including Daisy, Will, Zoel and this older guy who seemed to know us all.  Had to climb up this little cliff face made of ice.  Will and older guy helped me and Daisy get up even though it was really slippy.  

Bad weather and degradated landscape - tall broken buildings jutting out from ground - think someone played guitar.